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• 12/21/2018

Voice Actor/Actress Pages?

So I've been wondering if we should from now on create pages for the seiyuus we mention on this wiki.

We could not only make pages for Seiyuus, like Minase Inori (I know a lot of people here have chosen Minase-san as one of their characters' voice actress. And so have I ^-^), but we can also great pages for idols of units like the previous AIKATSU STARS and STAR ANIS

So what do you think? Yay or Nay?

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• 10/2/2018

Heroine Idols

Hey, do you think that someone would write the episodes, songs, and more like that?

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• 7/28/2018
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• 10/14/2017

Invite to Daybreak Academy!

Hi everyone! Like you, I am an Idol anime lover. Anyways, let's get to the point!
If you like Aikatsu!, whether it's the original or Stars, maybe just Photokatsu, I created a wiki called Daybreak Academy. It's an Aikatsu Roleplay series for us fans. Basically, the story is about Idols trying to overcome a duo unit named 2Skies. This, of course, doesn't have to be your character(s) goal. Maybe you want them to be Designers. MAYBE, and I may say otherwise in the future, your character can be a teacher.
If you'd like the idea of a duo unit being the ones the other characters look up to, than comment down below. Or, if you have another idea, comment! Honestly, I thought it be cool if we had a 2 person unit other than one idol or a unit that can be changed by a selection event. But, this is just an idea. Ideas can vary.
Here's the link to the site.
We currently have 2 admins, 1 me and my friend who isn't really going to rp but help out as this "home" develops. We already have 1 person (idk about the other one) who created there character page other than meeee! So, click pages and create your characttterrrr. Also, don't forget to read the rules. BYYYYEEEEEEEEE
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• 7/7/2018

Welcome to Discussions!

This is the place to talk about your favorite topic, to share news, theories, ideas, and to connect with others. The content from your Forum has been converted to Discussions posts, so nothing has been lost.

To learn more about what you can do here, check out

If you're an admin on this community, read more about how you can customize your Discussions and set up guidelines for contributors:

Have fun!
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• 8/21/2017

Story Partners

I hope that's correct here~
I don't know if you know the concept, but I wanted to ask if it's possible to make story partnerships here as well.
What are Story Partners?
Two persons write two stories / fanseries that aren't related to eachother. Both would like to improve their stories and have someone who follows it regulary and gives them critic, ideas and says what s/he likes. The same goes vice-versa.
I'd love to have someone who'd follow my two current series #OS and SW, and I wouldn't mind following someone and giving them feedback to their characters, episodes, story, songs and so on.
Maybe it's possible to do that here as well? :3
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• 6/26/2017

Fun with Idols #1 Create a Unit!

Hello everybody! I've asked the admins if it was okay to do this but I decided to create a seies of games involving none other than idols! So, every once in a while I'll make a post with a idol challenge/game thing and you can respond with your answer. So here's this month's challenge: Create a unit with either fanon characters or canon characters. You can even add characters who aren't from idol anime. The max members for your units is 8. Here are a few examples~ The members also need to have something in common at least.
Rockin' Strike: A unit featuring Shion Todo (PriPara), Tsubasa Kisaragi (Aikatsu Stars!) and Ellen Kurokawa (Suite Precure). These three are in a unit together because they have similar appearances, are cool typed (Ellen being an exception simce she's not an idol) and all have somewhat similar personalities.
Wild Notes: A unit featuring Seira Otoshiro (Aikatsu!), Laura Sakuraba (Aikatsu Stars!) and Aoi Tategami (KiraKira Precure A La Mode). These 3 were put in a unit because they all have some kind of rock/cool aspect to them. Seira plays guitar, Aoi is in a band, and Laura is known for her rocking cool image. They also all love music.
Enjoy the game!
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• 4/12/2017

Creation Challenge #1

Hello everyone! SingMeloetta here with a new project thingamajiger: Creation Challenges! So basically, what you do if you participate, you are given a topic and you create anything that the idea inspires you to create. A new coord, a new brand, or even a new character? All of that is great! Here are some basic rules though to help you out.
1. This is optional, and even then you can pick and choose which ones you do.
2. Remember, this is the fandom of idols wiki, so keep it related to idols, okay?
3. If you do decide to participate, post a link to your creation(s)! This is both so that you can show of your work and so that we can better keep organized with categories.
4. These challenges have no end to them, so if your starting with this one while #52 has just been posted, don't worry about it!
Alright, now, on to Challenge #1!
The Opposite Challenge: Create something that is opposite to one of your characters' regular personality!
For help, I've decided to put out some stats on what I personally experienced with this one.
Easiest to Create: Character (If you have a really well developed character, this is actually pretty easy, just put it in reverse!)
Easy Fandom(s): Anything with both brands and types, but the brand is really only important if you want to be really detailed.
Other: Here's some type matching charts for all your swapping needs (this also applies in reverse):
Aikatsu: Cute to Cool, Sexy to Pop. Pripara: Lovely to Cool, Pop to Celeb. Pretty Rhythym: Lovely and Feminine to Cool, Sexy to Pop, Ethnic to Star.
Examples: Aki Tsukane (by me) Megumi Ueda (by Cure Wonder)
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• 1/14/2017

News and Updates

So most of you have probably noticed that we have a new theme again. This is due to a few little changes I did to make this wiki a little more professional. So here to the news and updates:
Changing Theme: Starting with this month, this wiki will change its theme every three months (in other words, every quater). The admins will not decide the theme, it will rather be decided by the user of this fandom. If you look at the main page, you find a poll where you can choose which Idol anime you want to see next quater. The theme of Love Live!! has been decided by me as we had a lot Aikatsu lately and I thought it might be time for a chance. But from this day on, the community will decide.
Updated Main Page: Did you see? The main page got new layouts and more content. Some things remained but a lot things were added like the "Galaxy of Idols", "Wiki Affiliations" or the Chat part on the right side. If anyone has more ideas what we can add there, don't hesitate to tell me, I'll do my best to add it to the front page. Also, in the future, at the "Galaxy of Idols" section, the pictures of Aikatsu Photo on Stage and Love Live!! will be replaced by content of the actual wiki. We are just lacking of pictures at the moment, that's why I chose the current ones.
Wiki Slider: Okay, the slider has been the same since I last updated it. I don't know what else to add, but maybe you can help with that. I thought that we could do something like the theme change, having the slider changing every three months. (As the theme will be announced in the slider too, it's more than plausible to do so) But please remember that we can also display pages with a picture. It's a picture slider after all ~
Favicon: The current favicon is STAR ANIS' insignia. But to be honest, it doesn't really represent idols does it? Since I have problems thinking a good one up, I ask the community. You probably know more Idol Animes and can help me with that. Just send me a reference, I can turn almost everything in a wiki favicon.
Wiki Affiliations: Uh, I hope you don't mind that I added the Pretty Cure Worldwide! Wiki as an afflitiation. It's one of my wikis and I thought... well... I thought adding affiliations to the main page without having any is a little plain... hehe... either way: we need more wiki partners! That's what I wanted to say. We are a small wiki and we could grow better if more people knew about us.
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• 1/9/2017

Meet and Greet: Madeline Sycamore -Open RP-

Hello everyone! So, with all the collaboration going on around the wiki, I thought of an RP idea: a Meet and Greet, which could be used to see how certain characters would react to each other in collabs!
A couple rules:
You can have as many characters as you want (Madeline would love to meet as many people as possible!)
Even if your OC has already met her, she still likes to see familiar faces, so don't be afraid to drop by and say hi!
Remember, Madeline is a rather expeirenced idol, so while you don't have to be super formal around her, please be nice. (After all, she's probably their senior in the business, and you wouldn't be rude to someone like that, would you?)
Don't be afraid to show your idols' personality's through their interactions with her (This is all about collabs, remember?)
Anyway, Madeline's looking forward to it!
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• 12/8/2016

Christmas Theme

As no one answered to my christmas question, I decided to make a simple christmas design. Instead of blue, it is now red/green, christmas colors. Also, no one gave me ideas, so I used a aikatsu image as background.
Have fun with this christmas theme ~
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• 11/7/2016

Dream Festival?

I was just wondering if any idol fan of this wiki has gotten to Dream Festival by now. I could now tell you how great it is, but I'm not trying to promote it. Just a little basical stuff: It's basically Aikatsu! with boys in High School age, who want their CD debut and form units for that.
Maybe it's not basically Aikatsu, but I see a lot Aikatsu there so yeah xD If you don't know it, make sure to check it out, it may probably chance the fandom of idols a little.
Also, I recently had the idea of a DreFes idol made by myself, but as DreFes is about forming units, it might be a little hard for me and I'm not planning to do a second idol. So if any of you would be brave enough to start a collab with me.... just tell me, 'kay? 
Happy Editing, FairySina~
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• 11/7/2016

To Prevent Things in the Future: Templates + Announcement

Okay, you are all allowed to create your own templates and of course to use templates. Any templates, as this wiki will have no templates that are "owned" by a special user. I know... I kinda started that trend but it's just getting too big at the Fandom of Pretty Cure wiki and I don't want it to be a thing here as well. If you have a problem with the template or if you have ideas how to improve them, talk to me or Cure Wonder (aka the admins).
This is not to punish anyone, just to make sure this wiki will stay organized and the (new) users don't go as crazy as on the Fandom of Pretty Cure Wiki.
Also! I'm planning to change the wiki theme for a christmas theme! If you have any ideas what we could do, just tell me! Also a reminder: It can be from any idol anime, not just Aikatsu!
Happy editing, FairySina~
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• 9/8/2016


Introducing Discussions, a New Platform For Engaging Your Community
Apparently, wiki worked on a new feature that will replace the forum, article comments and message boards.
Now I'm here to ask you if, once it is out, we, this Fandom of Idols Wikia, will be using this new feature? As I don't get the feature at all and rather would live without it, I went to ask you and see what you think about Discussions. If you haven't read about it yet, the link is shared in the beginning.
If no one gives any opinion, I stick with my decision and will not enable the new feature.
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• 8/31/2016

Possible community idea?

I've seen this "contest" about Aikatsu! good coords and I like the idea to have such things in the community~ :) I might also have an idea for another "contest" in which users could participle who don't have an Aiaktsu! OC~
Because this wikia is about idols, we could make a song contest maybe~ I think, every series should have some songs - Opening/Ending/Insert Songs or similar. I don't think that everyone here can write songs - for example, I'd be missing programms/... to write songs on my computer instant on the instruments, I've got at home. Maybe, we could look for similar songs (example: "The song is like this..." or "The song is a mix between X and Y"), add an example of the voice actor (example: VSeiyuu Iwata Karen - Example: Hana wa Saku) and post the full lyrics (on english? Kanji & Kana, Romaji and English?), add a bit explination (appearance in the story, backgrounds, ...) and then vote by posting (or similar stuff - for example everyone writes it into a fomular of google and someone posts the votes after it all together with the results in order to prevent "I don't vote for X, because she would be higher then Y." With adding a user name and posting the votes afterwards, we could prevent cheating by voting for someone self/changing the final results.)
An example of the vote could be:
Song: (Song + Link to the lyrics on the wikia)
Series: (Link to the series on the wikia for completeness)
Sung by: (Name of the voice actor)
Voice Example: (For example "Sung by Ruka from AIKATSU☆STARS! - Example: Aikatsu Stars! Start Line! Performance in Episode 01)
Song Example: (For example AKB48 - LOVE TRIP [Add a link of the song here - Example:])
Text: (Text about the song/appearance in the series/meaning/such stuff)
I dunno if this would be possible and if others are interessted but I'd like to do that :) Maybe, we also could add topics~
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• 8/17/2016

We've reached it

I'm glad. We finally reached over 1,000 pages on this wiki!
I remember celebrating 600 pages not so long ago and now this wiki has 1,000! That's worth celebrating!
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• 7/25/2016

Mulit-Universe Aikatsu Audition: Tropical Summer ~CLOSED RP~

As it seems so hard to understand not to rp on the info threat, here's the first rp threat. Closed rp for

Madeline Sycamore
Mai Inoue
Gekijou Nakamura
Miki Arashiame
Let the rping begin!
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This post is locked.
• 7/23/2016

Welcome to the Roleplay Corner

Okay, I thought of a new function in this wiki. Since we are all fans of idols, we could also interact with other idol OCs. And this is what this place is supposed to be! You are allowed to create threats for rps. The threats can be for anyone open or closed for specific users or characters. Please mark closed threats with ~CLOSED RP~ in the title.
Rules for rping:

Be nice to each other, no swearing or anything!
No Over-Powered Characters and no Mary Sues, please!
Since this is an idol fandom wiki, no violence!
If you want to involve violence in a rp, please mark it in the title as well!
No God Modding! That means you only play your character, not the other users' characters!*
Try to use good gramma!
Please don't rp on this threat xD This is just an info-threat
Finally have fun, it's just a rp after all.
*This rule doesn't apply if you have the owner's permission
Next, there are different typed of rping, you can use any type you can use.
Ichigo walks around the school to meet her friends. "Aoi! Ran!" She shouted.
Ichigo: *Walks around the school*
Ichigo: *Greets her friends* Aoi! Ran!"
Now that's enough for the info-threat and have fun ~
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• 7/22/2016

Multi-Universal Aikatsu Audition?

Hey guys! Sina-san wanted me to tell you all about a new idea she had for the wiki. Here's her exact words so I don't screw up:

Hi everyone, I'm thinking about a new concept on this wiki. I was thinking about a audition that kinda connects diverse Aikatsu fan series. (or Pretty Rhythm, Pripara, AiStars etc.)
For that I thought of creating Auditions for any Aikatsu universe and any Idol can take part
What do you think about it? Please give some opinions, this is really important.\
So, please give us your opinions
Have a nice day!
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• 7/3/2016

Male Idol Types?

Well since my Aikatsu Stars! has female and male idols, I have created already two male counterparts to normal idol types. I know I could have gone with Cool Idol for Sawai Yusuke, but at least you can't call a boy cute. And here comes the question.
How should/could we call the counterpart to sexy and pop idols?
I thought that maybe sexy could stay the same, cause a girl as well as a boy (or a man ahem) can be sexy. I'm not sure about pop.
I want to hear your opinions about this and maybe some good ideas ~
Besides, the idol typed Style and Charm are free to use for anyone ^.^
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