AKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
General Information
StudioLavatic Studios
NetworkTV Tokyo
Air dateAugust 2015 - ?
Theme Songs
Opening ThemeBokutachi no Sekai
Ending ThemeTomorrow
Anime Guide
AKB0048 ~ Dream Stage stylized as AKB∞48 ~ Dream Stage is a fan made series by Millyna about AKB0048. The series features new understudies on their way though the world. The series is often short for 00~Dream or similar things.


It's been a long time since Entertainment has become legal in the galaxy around Akibastar, yet, 0048 needs to fight for their own freedom in the world. Every young girl has started of dreaming about becoming an Idol. AKB0048 still shines as the brightest star in the sky. But their rivals are holding up. 0048 needs new power to still shine bright and fulfill the promise of the 13th Yuko Oshima - a free universe. The next generation of understudies shall bring hope to AKB0048. Now, a huge pressure lasts on their shoulders...



Team A Members

Team K Members

Team B Members

Staff Members

  • Akane Kashita (河岸田明音) (AKB0048 Graduate, General Manager, Former Yui Yokoyama the 2nd/9.5th)
  • Miyagi Kashita (河岸田宮城) (AKB0048 Graduate, Combat Teacher, Former Mayu Watanabe Type 4)
  • Kanade Hoshido (星土奏) (AKB0048 Graduate, Staff Member, Former Haruka Shimazaki the 10th)

Other Characters


Serie's Original Songs

  • Aitakatta
  • Bokutachi wa Tatakwanai
  • Heavy Rotation
  • Saigo no Door
  • Kokoro no Placard

  • Mirai to wa?
  • Maenomeri

  • 12 Byou


  • Answear


  • Kibou ni Tsuite


  • It is the first AKB0048 Fan Series on this Wiki and the second over all.