Aikatsu :Love my life ♥
アイカツ: ラブ マイ ライフ♥
General Information
Air dateJanuary 1st 2017- January 25th 2018
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Opening ThemeTBA
Ending ThemeTBA
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" your life is like a tree every time you grow the tree grows as well " Aikatsu love my life is the 6th season it's unofficial. the story starts off 7 years into the future where all the old Aikatsu students turn into adults and the new Generation begins !

Character Idols

Meiko Kobayashi- ( メイコ小林) take charge personality,she energetic, outgoing,she is a cute type Idol she wants to become the best singer (1st main character) her mainbrand that she uses is Angely Sugar and her second is Dreamy Crown she attends Starlight Acadamy

Choko Fujimoto -(蝶子藤本Chōko Fujimoto) optimistic,Happy and Caring , she is a cut and cool idol and a designer she wants to become the best idol she attends Dream Acadamy (she is the 2nd main character)

Amura Takahashi - (アムラ高橋 Amura Takahashi) Happy ,clumsy at times, she acts cute when she's not noticing nice, calm and has creative ideas,she is friends with Choko her secondary is Naturela spindarela. her best friend's is Choko and Izumi,she attends Dream Academy

Izumi Akimoto - (泉秋元 Izumi Akimoto) energetic and bubbly personality a little poker face personality she always Happy to see others .she a cool type Idol her main brand is LoLi GoThiC her secondary is Dolly Devil she attends Dream Academy

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Firanzia Vice Ronaldi (フィランジア·バイス·ロナルディ Firanjia Baisu Ronaldi?) - A former idol who now designs idol outfits and works on four brands. Firanzia created a coord for Choko Fujimoto once.and is Choko's favorite Designer


Naturela spindarela - A cute brand and a little bit of pop the creator of this brand is Choko Fujimoto

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