Aisukita Pinkugao
Aisukita Pinkugao
SeasonOur Idol Ways
Birthday DateMay 4
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorPowder Blue
Home PlaceTokyo
Anime DebutOIW1
SeiyuuWaka Kirishima
Idol Info
Theme Song(s)Happiness Dream!
BrandEternal Smile
SchoolParade Academy
School CoordPink Ballet Look (S1)

Pink Emblem Look (S2)

Aisukita Pinkugao (Love Buendía in the Latino dub) is a 14-year old girl who's at Starter Class at Parade Academy, she's the main character of Our Idol Ways.


She has powder blue eyes and blonde hair combed in a pair of low, wavy twintails, her fringe hair is directed to one side, she usually wears a pastel-colored ribbon, has blue eyes and pinion skin.


Aisukita went through a lot of things which made her have a pesimist personality, which other people thought to be "unacceptable" for an Amore Idol, but as the series went on, her friends helped her recover her bright side and is now the cheerful girl she used to be on the beginning of her career.

Her catchphrase is "100% genki! 100% sunny!"

Idol Data

Affiliation: Parade Academy, Idol Course

Occupation: Idol, Student

Zodiac: Taurus

Manager: Ai Kokoro

Image Colors: Hot Pink and Red

Songs and Looks

Brand: Eternal Smile

School Looks


Season 1

Great Looks



Star Ring (S1): She doesn't have any defined Ring, however, during her first performance she was able to make a heart-shaped one appear for a few seconds.


Aisukita's story begins when, after escaping from home to follow her dreams, was miraculously accepted at Parade Academy. There, she was assigned to Purumu Conuseruvo as her Idol, Purumu almost literally controlled Aisukita's schedule and with tricks and traps made her go to Middle Class. However, everything went down as Purumu departed to France, she was downgraded and lost all of her reputation...will she ever be able to become something again?!


  • Her name comes from the pronunciation and meaning pun of "I love you"
  • Her surname is similar to Chace to Shine's Otome
  • She seems to be the only student to not care about the History of the Idol Ways
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