Belle Snow Coord
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 2
Belle Snow Coord (ベルスノーコーデ) is a normal sexy-type coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Belle Snow Dress

A short glittering navy blue dress. The material is shaped to reveal the ruffled, powder blue petticoat beneath it. On the waist, there is a wavy chain of creme pearls, connected in the middle by a blue sapphire gem that has a white frame, along with a very long powder blue twin-tailed scarf tied behind the back.

Belle Snow Boots

Teal, cyan, and pale green gradient glittering boots with faded white designs. The foot part is white, as is the cuff on top of each boot. The cuff is white and folds over on both sides, having two blue-green stripes at the end of the cuff. On the back of the foot is a silver diamond shape.


  • Belle is the French word for Beauty, so this coord would translate into Beauty Snow Coord
  • This coord's name is an anagram of Snowbelle City, the final city in Pokémon X and Y.