Bell Waltz Coord
RarityPremium Rare
Romance StoryBeauty and the Beast
Belle Waltz Coord (ベルワルツコーデ Beru Warutsu Kōde) is a sexy-type premium rare coord by ???. It is ???'s first Romance Story premium rare.


Bell Waltz Blouse

A lemon yellow blouse with a shattered-looking magenta design of a rose on the front of the chest. The bottom of the shirt has several smaller replicas of the shattered design featured on the chest, which alternate in magenta and white versions, one after the other. Each sleeves cuffs are pale yellow and are accented with several sky blue pearls which go around the cuff. Comes with long, pale yellow gloves that each have the Beauty and the Beast logo on them in gold.

Bell Waltz Skirt

The band of the skirt is golden, holding up pale yellow translucent fabric that goes until about the middle of the skirt, and is held up by a magenta diamond at the middle of the band. Majority of the skirt is lemon yellow and has many small white sparkly areas, and, at the bottom is decorated by an area of thick white tulle, which outlines the bottom of the skirt.

Bell Waltz Pumps

Translucent gold pumps decorated with white sparkles and a single pink rose on the toe, which is also decorated with small white sparkles. A curved line of pearls decorates what would be considered the tongue of the shoe. Near the ankle, there is a small amount of white lace that has a magenta, mirror-like gem outlined in gold on it.

Bell Waltz Tiara

A small gold tiara. In the center, there is a circular magenta gem, and on the sides, there are two white pearls, one on each side of the tiara. Comes with magenta stud earrings in the shape of the rose pattern featured on the skirt and top of the coord, outlined in gold.