Chie Iroha
千映 色葉
Chie Iroha
Birthday DateApril 3
Hair Colororange
Eye Colordark green (outside of Aipara)

lime green (inside AiPara)

Idol Info
BrandPoppin' Rainbow
Chie Iroha (千映 色葉) is a main character in My Idol Fantasy. She is a pop type, who, during her idol training uses the brand Poppin' Rainbow.


Outside of AiPara, her hair is about shoulder length and bright orange, being worn in triangle buns with some of it being left down. Her eyes are dark green. Inside of AiPara, her eyes turn into a lighter, lime green color.


An "unofficial sister" of Ai's. As Ai has lived with Chie's family since the two of them were young, the two know a lot about each other She knows a lot about idols, and has often dreamed of performing in AiPara since she met Ai, and the two talk about AiPara every day.


Idol Tickets

  • Pop Idol Ticket (received in Episode 1)
  • Colorful Idol Ticket (Episode ??)


  • She is an Aries