Dark Queen Coord
ダーク クイーン コーデ
BrandCrystal Queen
Debut (DCD)Part 1
Romance/Dream StorySnow White
Dark Queen Coord (ダーク クイーン コーデ) is a normal, sexy type, romance story coord from the brand Crystal Queen.


Dark Queen Top

A tight black top, with a small black cape on the back. The cape is decorated with dark purple gems, rubies, and elegant golden designs. It has golden designs on the neck as well, and comes with a necklace with a mirror charm. The bottom of the shirt is decorated with alternating dark purple gems and diamonds. The story emblem is on the right side of the shirt in the bottom corner.

Dark Queen Skirt

A knee-length beige skirt that has multiple sizes of black, ruby red and magenta lines. It has a thick black band decorated with three diamonds, with the one in the center being slightly larger than the side two. The story emblem is on the left side of the band.

Dark Queen Pumps

Black pumps. On each of the feet are black straps, crossing in an X-shape. The same material wraps around the ankle. A small, gold encrusted blue gem is on the left side of the strap. Included are glittering dark beige tights with a black curling design on each leg. The story emblem is located above the left knee.