Diamond Majesty Coord
ダイヤモンド マジェスティ
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 7
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
Diamond Majesty Coord (ダイヤモンド マジェスティ) is a normal sexy coord designed by the brand Crystal Queen. It was first seen in Episode 7 of the anime.


Diamond Majesty Top

A blue gradient top with white sparkles and small, sky blue diamonds. There are golden vines that wrap around it. Comes with two, sparkling, periwinkle, unattached sleeves.

Diamond Majesty Skirt

A short blue gradient skirt that is somewhat covered with white glitter. On the skirt there are also two long, gold, thorny vines to match the lining and waistband of the skirt. On the right side of the skirt, there is a flower shape, which is made up of several multi-colored diamonds.

Diamond Majesty Heels

Golden high heels that are decorated with many small diamonds, which are in several different shades of blue and silver, on the toe. Comes with two cyan anklets, with one worn on each ankle.

Diamond Majesty Corsage

Several small cyan diamonds that are arranged in the shape of a flower, placed over a small piece of sparkling white fabric.