Emma Verde
Birthday DateFebruary 5
Hair ColorDeep Brown
Eye ColorTeal
Home PlaceTicino, Switzerland
Idol Info
UnitForever Sky STAR CHARGE
SchoolY.G. International Academy

Emma Verde (エマヴェルデ) is a third year student at Y.G International Academy. Her image color is light yellow. She is a member of a currently unnamed sub-unit within her school's idol group, Forever Sky.


Emma is from Switzerland, having lived their ever since her grandparents took her in, although she doesn't remember much of her life from before that anyways. The only possession she knows from before that is a quilt her parents made for her and sent with her as a baby; Seeing it as she got older sparked her love for quilting, which in turn sparked an interest in sewing and costume design.


Emma is gentle and soft, and is very much an outdoor person. However, she often has her head in the clouds and has trouble focusing, which can cause trouble for others.


Emma loves quilting and sewing, and she claims she sews "a story filled with love" into each and every one of her designs. She also loves being out in nature, and she says that gives her inspiration for her designs.


Episode 2: First Stage Under the Sky

Emma makes a cameo appearance watching Forever Sky's first performance.

Episode 7: A Gentle Breeze

Her first major appearance is in episode 7, where she's seen quilting; No matter how hard she tries, she can't get her mind off of the performance.