Enchanted Fairy Coord
エンチャンテッド フェアリー
BrandCrystal Queen
First Appearance (DCD)Part 5
Enchanted Fairy Coord (エンチャンテッド フェアリー) is a normal cute type coord from Crystal Queen. It debuted in Part 5 of Data Cardass Aikatsu Galaxy!, and it has yet to debut in the anime.


Enchanted Fairy Top

A lemon yellow blouse that fades to a white gradient as it reaches the center. At the center of the shirt is a sky blue flower that is tied to the front of a thin dark brown ribbon and has a yellow circle jewel in the center. The hems of the sleeves and bottom of the shirts are white and frilly, and have small cutouts of leaf and flower patterns going around them.

Enchanted Fairy Skirt

A skirt that starts off with sky blue material being cut in a flower-like shape, with the petals of the "flower" being decorated with small bubblegum pink pearls. Under the sky-blue flower, there is one frilly white and one lemon yellow layer of the skirt which are both worn over a small petticoat to form an almost tutu-like shape.

Enchanted Fairy Sandals

Lemon yellow sandals with a medium brown base, with the strap being lemon yellow and decorated with a sky blue daisy. There is also a strap on the ankle, being made up of small alternating white and powder blue daisies.

Lemon Alps Brim

A white lace maid brim with designs sewn on it or cut from the material. On each side is a simple, lemon yellow flower with a pale pink center. Comes with gold dangle earrings that have a lemon yellow ribbon with a pale blue flower in the middle.

Enchanted Fairy Accessory

A green leafy hair ornament with small white daises sewn to it. Comes with two small lemon yellow-white gradient fairy wings with pearls sewn to it, along with green stud earrings with chains hanging from them, attached to a single white Lily of the Valley flower.