The Witch of Charm
Episode 10
Episode Information
Kanji チャームの魔女
Opening Dreaming days!
Insert Song Candy Party Night
Ending Starry Night Melody
Episode Guide
Episode 9: The Sweetest Dress
Episode 11: Diaries from Magic School
The Witch of Charm (チャームの魔女) is the tenth episode of Aikatsu: Dream! and the tenth episode of the Aikatsu: Dream! series over all.


The New Designer Showcase is fast approaching. When the girls get to see the designer wing of the school, they meet a designer who is participating in the event: Nozomi Hoshizora, an idol with a witch-like character, who is planning on making a big entrance with her new brand!



As the New Designer Showcase is coming up soon, the idols in many of the first year classes are taking a small field trip to the Designer wing of the school to get a sneak peek at the upcoming designers. Deciding to go into one of the first doors they see, Momo and Chou soon encounter a designer for a pop-type brand, Nozomi Hoshizora, who tells them that she is working on her first dress for her new brand, Cutie Witch. Momo and Chou compliment the colorful pallet and fun designs, and Nozomi asks them to cheer for her at the showcase, as she will be representing her brand herself there. They enthusiastically agree to go to the showcase to root for her, and they then leave Nozomi alone so that she can work, and they can get back to class.

The day of the showcase arrives, and, when it is Nozomi's turn to perform, she wears the Black Kitty Coord, and is able to perform the Cutie Witch brand special appeal, Candy Cauldron, much to her relief. After she had finished performing and Momo and Chou are congratulating her for a successful performance, Madeline comes up to Nozomi and hands her a letter, asking her if she would like to become a member of the Dream Project, which she happily accepts.