Show of the Skies
Episode 16
Episode Information
Kanji 空のショー
Air date December 3, 2016
Opening Dreaming days!
Insert Song The World's Party
Ending Starry Night Melody
Episode Guide
Episode 15: Around the World Idol
Episode 17: Special Appeal, Together!
Show of the Skies (空のショー) is the sixteenth episode of Aikatsu: Dream!, and the sixteenth of the Aikatsu: Dream Series over all.


Sora, In order to get a boost in the Aikatsu Rankings, is organizing a live showing off her favorite brand, World Sky. In order to make the live as perfect as possible, she asks for a premium rare. When she finds out the top designer has a case of designer's block, what does she do to help him through it?



Sora is officially seen as being a student of Polaris Academy, and is happy with that; However, she believes that she needs one more thing to make her a true idol; A live so great, it will spread her name even further in Polaris Academy, getting her more fans than ever before! However, she doesn't have the one thing she would need to put on a show like this: A premium rare dream dress from her favorite brand, World Sky.

She tries to reach out to the top designer of the brand, Riku, who responds with the fact that he has designer's block, and can't think of any way to make his Premium Rare stand out from the rest of the dresses he has made, but would like her to come over and inspire him sometime soon. Instantly figuring out what he might need, Sora grabs her travel scrapbook and heads out the door to visit him.

Making the trip to his house, she puts the scrapbook down on a nearby table and instructs him to look through it whenever he's stuck designing. He opens it to find that inside are little bits and pieces from Sora's travels when she was younger, from all around the world. He asks her if he can keep it around while he works on the dress. She agrees, and leaves it with him.

After 2 weeks, he mails it back, with the cards and a message attached to the package, which says that he thanks her for her help and can't wait to see her show. Being reminded of that, she goes on to perform The World's Party in her new coord.

Afterwards she states that she had more fun during that performance than she has had in a long time, and checks the Aikatsu Ranking to see if she was able to move up; It was revealed that she was able to move up 5 places, and she then vows to become as known as the other members of the Dream Project.