Peach-colored Sweets
Episode 4
Episode Information
Kanji 桃色のスイーツ
Romaji Momoiro no suītsu
Air date September 10, 2016
Opening Dreaming days!
Insert Song Chic•Color•Parade
Ending Starry Night Melody
Episode Guide
Episode 3: Angelic♥Dresses
Episode 5: Smile Lemon Pop! Girl
Peach-colored Sweets (桃色のスイーツ) is the 4th episode of Aikatsu: Dream!, and the fourth episode of the Aikatsu Dream series overall.


After getting used to her idol life, Momo decides to take a big step and try her first audition: An audition to become the image girl for a newly created candy by a popular candy company. Momo keeps trying, but she doesn't think she has the image of "sweets idol".



Momo is looking at the auditions in the main hall of the school, having plans in mind to take her first step as an idol and take her first real audition. She soon comes across an audition to become the image girl for the newest candy of a popular candy company; SweetsPro's newest candy, Tokimeki Taffy. She decides to sign up, even though it is a large audition, she decides that she wants to take the risk.

She starts her training, following the advice she sees online about how to become a proper sweets image girl. However, none of the advice works for her, and so she tries the one idea that she could come up with herself, going to the store and trying some for herself.

After she actually tries the candy for herself, the ideas become clear: She decides to be energetic, spontaneous, and fun, deciding on making a Pop-type coord (with the help of Chou) out of brandless cards.

She goes and takes the audition, using Chic•Color•Parade as her audition piece. Afterwards, it is revealed by the judges that Momo passed the audition and has been selected at the candy's image girl, as Madeline is seen smiling, sitting in the wings of the stage.

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