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Shiny⋆ Tristar&Soleil Story
Episode 209
Episode Information
Kanji Shiny⋆トリスター&ソレイユストーリー
Air date March 2, 2017
Opening Let's Aikatsu!
Insert Song Idol Activity!
Ending Angel Snow
Episode Guide
Episode 8: A Shy Flower's Special Audition!
Shiny⋆ Tristar&Soleil Story (Shiny⋆トリスター&ソレイユストーリー) is the 209th episode of the Aikatsu! anime, and the 9th episode of Aikatsu! 5.


Having some free time on their hands, the girls decide to go see their most popular upperclassmen, the idols of the units Soleil and Tristar perform a duel concert together, thinking that it will give them some more experience as idols too. While they're arriving at the concert, Tsukiko remembers how hard her sister worked to get on that stage.


When the girls realize their schedules are empty for the day, Tsukiko remembers that her sister invited her to bring her friends and see her unit, Tristar, and Soleil perform a duet live with each other. Using this opportunity, Tsukiko brings Eri and Ume to the concert with her.

When they make it to the concert, they are all wowed by the large size of the stadium, and look at the many fans who are going into the concert stadium with a smile on their face. They then make a promise to each other; If they ever form a unit, they will have a concert in the same hall someday. They agree to this, and go in as the concert begins. The two units sing Idol Activity! together, but remain in their unit coords.

Ume and Eri leave the concert feeling more excited about their own Aikatsu then ever, and thank Tsukiko for the day. However, Tsukiko looks concerned with herself, and then resolves to do more training as soon as they get back to the academy.

When they do, as Ume and Eri go to their dorms for the evening, Tsukiko promises to her sister that she'll be an unbeatable top idol like she was, as Akari and Ichigo watch her run the track from the bleachers.