Gekijou Nakamura

Genkiko Nakamoto
Genkiko Nakamoto (Pripara)
Hair ColorPale brown (outside PriPara) Bright orange (inside PriPara)
Eye ColorLight orange (outside PriPara) Dark orange (inside PriPara)
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
SeiyuuMegumi Han
Singing VoiceMegumi Han
Idol Info
BrandCheeky Prankster
Genkiko Nakamoto (中本げんきこ Nakamoto Genkiko) is the PriPara counterpart of Gekijou Nakamura and a main character of PriPara: Starry Passion. She is a pop type idol and her brand is Cheeky Prankster.


Outside of PriPara, Genkiko is a cheerful and energetic girl with a zealous yet mischievous streak to her who is also described as playful. She enjoys being noticed by others and being the center of attention due to being ignored as "the middle child" of the family. Genkiko is extremely jealous of and hostile towards her older sister due to feeling insecure about not being good as her or the rest of her family. However, she loves to give others she considers her friends nicknames and has a soft spot when it comes to people she cares about. She often considers her friends family rather than her actual family. Inside of PriPara, Genkiko ends her sentences with "~genki" and adopts a more upbeat, more happy-go-lucky, and extremely playful yet childish, prank-loving, and teasing personality.


Genkiko Nakamoto (Normal)

Genkiko's normal appearance

Outside of PriPara, Genkiko has light orange eyes and pale brown hair tied in a side ponytail; she wears her school uniform or an orange T-shirt and black shorts. Inside PriPara, Genkiko has dark orange eyes, bright orange hair tied into two ponytails, and gains two orange stars on her left cheek; she wears a bright orange strapless dress with a dark orange print and white ruffles on it.