Koyuki Hamasaki
Birthday Date1/7
Home PlaceLancastar
DebutHKT0048 episode2
Singing VoiceTashima Meru
Idol Info
Alter egoTashima Meru
AuraPink Topaz
"I want to be HKT0048 sun that shoots your heart and makes you happy"

Koyuki is a 14 year old girl who lived in Lancastar she is the 1st generation member and is a minor character


she has Happy go getter personality and very optimistic


Koyuki was born on Lancasterr (banned planet ) before she heard AKB0048 she always felt sadden at the age of 7 the first time she heard AKB0048 she felt like the super-est happy girl ever.6 years later while she was checking AKB0048 fan page she saw that there was a new idol group called HKT0048 her father(ex DES solider) and mother and her siblings didn't allow her to join HKT0048 she went crying to her room the next day Koyuki when somewhere private so no one will notice her she made her video and sent it to the mangers of HKT .1 month later while Koyuki was browsing the web an email pop-up it was the Manger of HKT0048 she had passed the first audition 3 days later at 3:00 Am she snuck out of the house her oldest sister saw her but didn't told her parents cause she know that it was her dream and she didn't want to ruin it she ran happily from home


Episode 1 : shadow of smile

Episode 2: A young girls dream

Episode 3 :

Episode 4


Hobbies : reading,eating and cooking

Lives in Lancastar

Read about 50 books every month when she was in middle school

Favorite : food Oranges and pineapple

Fav drink : Milk and water

Is intelligent, excels in academics especially in reading