Miku Hatsuko
初子 未来 ()
Hatsuko Miku
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday Date8/10
Home PlaceAtamistar
Anime DebutS01
SeiyuuNana Okada
Idol Info
UnitAKB0048, 115th Generation

"Our dream just has started. There is no reason to hesitate."

Miku Hatsuko is an understudy of the 115th Generation of AKB0048.

Appearance & Personality 

Miku has red-brown hair and dark green eyes. Like all AKB0048 members, she also has heart-shaped sparkles in her eyes and in her hair. Miku knows what she can and does it. She usually aims to become better and better, until reaching the top, despite that, she doesn't know her goal for sure.


Not much is known about Miku's history. She grew up on Atamistar which is surrounded by entertainment and music. Her family actually often moves to other planets because of her parents work which is the reason why Miku currently lives on Atamistar, despite being born on Akibastar. Miku mentioned that she was a fan of several groups but never thought of joining until seeing a Stage in the AKB0048 Theater on Akibastar.


Miku and the other understudies of the 115th Generation sing together in the opening and the ending of the series. In the series itself, she is shown often singing songs of AKB48. Miku's Seiyuu, Nana Okada also centers the Sub-Unit First Tune which was created for the anime and with this, centers all new songs.


Miku's name has been inspired by Hatsune Miku's name meaning "The first melody of the future". Yet, Millyna didn't want her to have the same name, so she changed one of the Kanji.

Miku (未来) can be translated as future and Hatsuko is supposed to be split into 初 and 子, meaning first and child.
Her name means First child of the future.


  • Miku is the first character to be revealed in the new series.
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