Sawako Hata the 7th
7-daime Hata Sawako
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday DateUnknown
Home PlaceAkibastar
SeiyuuHisako Kanemoto
Idol Info
Alter egoChiyo Shiraki
UnitAKB0048, Team A

Tomoka Itano is one of current members of AKB0048. As an Idol, she is known as Sawako Hata the 7th. She is a member of Team A.

Personality & Appearance

Sawako has dark brown, long hair and brown eyes. She looks pretty simular to her twin sister, yet having more dark hair then her.

Sawako is a very very shy girl who usually doesn't speaks to anyone.


Sawako grew as member of the Itano-family up, her life seemed to be normal, but she after joining 0048 as understudy, she started realizing that she was too shy to become Tomochin. Shortly after her generation debuted, she succeded Hata Sawako.


  • First known Itano-family member who did succeded some one other then Tomochin.
AKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
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