Tomomi Itano the 14th
14代目 板野友美
14-daime Itano Tomomi
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday DateUnknown
Home PlaceAkibastar
SeiyuuAyaka Suwa
Idol Info
Alter egoItano Tomoki
UnitAKB0048, Team A

Tomoki Itano is one of current members of AKB0048. As an Idol, she is known as Tomomi Itano the 14th. She is a member of Team A.

Personality & Appearance

Tomomi's appearance does not differ from other Tomochin's. She has brown, a bit wavy hair and brown eyes. The same goes for her personality.


Tomomi's history can be assumed as pretty simular to the past of all other 0048 members. It's known that she succeded after her sister who succeded Hata Sawako instand of Tomochin. She is and was a good and close friend of Hoshido Kanade.


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