Tomomi Itano
板野友未 ()
Itano Tomomi
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday Date4/4
Home PlaceAkibastar
Anime DebutS01
SeiyuuYui Shibata
Idol Info
UnitAKB0048, 115th Generation

Tomomi Itano is an understudy of the 115th Generation of AKB0048 and a member of the Itano-family.

Appearance & Personality 

Tomomi has brown, long hair which is a bit wavy and brown eyes. She has a petite mouth and like all of the 0048 members, she has heart-shaped lines in her hair and eyes. She has good fashion sense.

Tomomi is a calm and quiet girl. She usually is a bit cold towards others but seems to prefer to be alone. But in fact, she is a kindhearted girl who loves to be together with her friends.

Tomomi is a very skilled dancer and singer and she prefers more cool songs, like UZA or Beginner over other ones.


Tomomi grew up as member of the Itano family, following this, she always aimed to succeed Tomochin before anything else, yet, she dreams of becoming a solo singer. Tomomi is often asked by other idol groups if she would like to join them but she always refused. If she'd join any group, it'll be AKB0048.


Tomomi and the other understudies of the 115th Generation sing together in the opening and the ending of the series. In the series itself, she is shown often singing songs of AKB48. Tomomi's Seiyuu, Yui Shibata has also rerecorded Itano Tomomi's 1% for the anime.


  • Her name and the name of the original Tomochin are very similar, however, the last Kanji is different.
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