Juri Hozuki
Juri Hozuki
SeasonMy Idol Fantasy
Birthday DateFebruary 26
Hair ColorPale blue
Eye ColorPurple
RelativesHime Hozuki (daughter)
Idol Info
BrandParadise Goddess
Juri Hozuki is a Shining Rank Idol, and is considered the Goddess of AiPara. She is a Star-typed idol, and her preferred brand is Paradise Goddess. She is a supporting character in My Idol Fantasy.


Juri has long, light blue hair, worn in a similar style to Mizuki's when she is inside AiPara. and violet-indigo eyes. As she can not naturally leave the AiPara space, she has no "true" outside appearance. However, in seen flashbacks, her hair was worn long and straight.


Juri is fun loving, and, as a goddess in AiPara especially, tender and kind to all of the idols in AiPara.


About a decade prior to the series, there was a glitch found in the AiPara system, where some components of the system could escape. This included the Goddess of AiPara, Juri, and this error effectively disguesed her as a regular human being. She was able to come into the outside world, and soon met and fell in love with Hikaru Hozuki; A wealthy business man with a charming personality to match. They soon had a child together, Hime Hozuki. Soon after she was born, however, Juri had to return AiPara, due to the part of the glitch that freed her being fixed.

She hid with in the system until Hime became a well-established idol, then coming out to meet her. However, she was unaware of the effects this would have on Hime, both mental and physical.

Within the series, she was first seen when she was coming into AiPara. Her arrival unexpectedly caused Hime to have a sudden fever. She then ran off to the hospital to see her.

Significant Idol Tickets

  • Jewel Goddess Ticket