Keiko Kanemaru
Kanemaru Keiko
SeasonAikatsu: Galaxy!
Birthday DateNovember 26
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorYellow
Home PlaceSapparro, Japan
Idol Info
BrandMagical Toy
UnitCherry Candy
Keiko Kanemaru (金 丸 慶子 Kanemaru Keiko) is a student of Polaris Academy. She is a pop type idol whose favorite brand is Magical Toy.


Keiko has wavy, shoulder-length orange hair, which she wears sky blue, lime, and magenta beads in. She has yellow eyes, and is a normal height for her age. She is usually seen wearing Polaris Academy's uniform, but when in public, wears clothes with lots of colors and accessories.


Keiko a is cheerful, upbeat and happy-go-lucky girl. She has loved the carnival and circus ever since she was young, she loves magic tricks and likes to collect things that will help her with her magic tricks: magic wands, balloons, magic hat and cards. However, she has also been shown to be quite forgetful, often scrambling to find these things. She aspires to be a "magician idol". She often gets especially happy when excited, adding her catchphrase of "It's magical!" to the ends of her sentences.


Neon Kitty♥

When Keiko gets a recommendation from her Aikatsu Phone to take the image girl audition for her favorite cosmetic brand, Neon Kitty, she happily signs up. However, due to her extreme love for the brand, she slacks off an unusually high amount of time (due to her thoughts that the audition will be an easy pass for her) and it is only when she is rejected for a premium rare dress that she begins to realize that people who really love the brand would work hard to win, as well as for a premium rare. When she realizes this, she goes to see Marcel, the top designer of the brand once more. He grants her the premium rare coord that time and the Happy Jupiter coord is given to her.


Ruri Chiba

Keiko's close freind and unit mate. Keiko was one of Ruri's first friends upon her transfer. In fact, soon after Ruri had transferred from Himezakura, the two formed a unit that goes by the name Cherry Candy.


Keiko (慶子) means happy child, referring to her personality.

Kanemaru (金 丸) means golden circle. This is referring to her love of all things related to the circus.


  • Her sign is Sagittarius
  • Her blood type is O
  • Favorite food: Milk shakes, especially strawberry.
  • Least favorite food: Green peas
  • Her special talent is magic and acrobatics