Kyoko Mitsuni
京子 光二
Kyoko Mitsuni
SeasonAikatsu: Dream!
Agearound 30-40
Hair Colorred-brown
Eye Colorchestnut brown
Home PlaceTokyo, Japan
SeiyuuSachiko Kojima
Kyoko Mitsuni (京子 光二 Mitsuni Kyoko) is the top designer of Glamour Night.



Kyoko used to be the coord designer for the unit Masquerade. Before that, she was a very close friend of Miya's, who'd simply always found pleasure in designing outfits for friends. (especially Miya, when she told Kyoko she wanted to become an idol) When Miya passed an idol talent search audition, she suggested to Hime that Kyoko become a designer for the new unit, and she agreed to the idea.

Though Miya and Hime were close, Kyoko was Miya's main confidant; She became worried when Ringo started to meet up with Taichi more often, with the fear of Masquerade being forced to disband due to the possibility of a scandal. However, they disbanded by choice to focus on their futures soon after.

After Masquerade disbanded, Kyoko still occasionally met up with Ringo as friends. But when Ringo married Taichi, Kyoko suddenly stopped speaking to Ringo and decided to go back to designing; This time, designing her own brand, Glamour Night.


Kyoko has red-brown curly hair that is shoulder-length, and chestnut brown eyes. She wears a formal white top, a black pencil skirt, and navy blue sandals.


Kyoko is a perfectionist who tends to keep her feelings bottled up. Due to her perfectionist tendencies, she tends to push idols who wear her brand to their maximum potential. Every once in a while however, she will fall into a state of vulnerability due to this trait as well.


(光二) Mitsuni translates into "two lights". This refers to Masquerade.

(京子) Kyoko means "city child." this references the urban theme of her brand.


Her main idol. Kyoko starts to taking a liking to Shizuka after she realizes Shizuka loves Masquerade just as much as she does. Shizuka has also become a sort of confidant for Kyoko, as shown when Shizuka visits Kyoko again and listens to her story about how the brand Glamour Night came to be.

  • Ringo Hoshimiya

A very close friend of hers, Kyoko was shown to be rather secure towards Ringo whenever she was around Taichi. She is hinted to have had some sort of "unrequited feelings" towards Ringo.