Lemon Sweet Coord
BrandAngely Sugar
First Appearance (DCD)Part 1
First Appearance (Anime)Episode 6
Lemon Sweet Coord (レモンスウィートコーデ) is a normal, cute type coord designed by the brand Angely Sugar. It was worn by Madeline Sycamore in episode 6 of Aikatsu: Dream!.


Lemon Sweet Top

A sugar pink blouse with three yellow, heart-shaped buttons going up the center, and white lace surrounding the buttons in a frilly pattern. Pale pink ruffles are sewn around the bottom, and white ruffles are sewn around the sleeves.

Lemon Sweet Skirt

A sugar pink and apricot gradient pleated skirt that has yellow stripes flowing down it in a spiral. A ruffled white petticoat is worn underneath.

Lemon Sweet Boots

Sugar pink boots with white heels and bright yellow laces. Comes with frilly white knee socks.

Lemon Sweet Ribbon

A sugar pink and blush pink striped ribbon, with a large golden heart in the center of the ribbon. Comes with two stud earrings, both shaped like hearts, one yellow, worn on the right ear, and one white, which is worn on the left.