Ma Chérie
LeaderMadeline Sycamore
MembersMadeline Sycamore, Alice Kuroba, Kazumi Suzuoto

Ma Chérie is an idol unit composed of Madeline Sycamore, Alice Kuroba and Kazumi Suzuoto. They form in Episode 54 and have their debut live in Episode 55 of Aikatsu: Galaxy! .


A Darling Unit

In Episode 53, Madeline spoke to her father about how the school's top unit, Smile★, seemed to be loosing their passionate spark. When she was asked how she planned on resolving this, she said that she wanted to form a unit, but with the most passionate, most spectacular of idols. From there, a selection audition was held by Polaris Academy.

Unlike the Tristar Audition, where anyone could sign up if they pleased, only the school's most passionate candidates were even informed of the audition. The selection process was said have about 50 candidates, but only the best two were selected to join the unit: her close friend Alice Kuroba, as well as Kazumi Suzoto, who had only recently joined the high school.

Though unnamed at the time, They become rapidly popular after their debut. This lead to the headmaster referring to the unit collectively as "mes chéris". This gave them the idea for their unit name Ma Chérie (translates to "my darling" in French.)

Unit Information


Unit Dresses

Main Coords

The unit usually uses their unit dresses, which all have a common theme of pastel color palettes and jewels.