Makoto Shiya
真 紫矢
Shiya Makoto
Birthday DateJune 22
Hair Colormaroon
Eye Colorturquoise
Home PlaceSendai, Japan
Idol Info
AuraWhite Fleur-de-lys circle around her in a chain, neon blue snowflakes and blue rose petals fall around her.
SchoolSpica Academy
School CoordCool Aura Coord
Makoto Shiya (真 紫矢) is a student of Spica Academy. She is a member of the E4, as the representative member of the Snow Dance Class. She is a cool type, who currently is planned to use the brand Classic Diamond. She is featured in Aikatsu: Essence of Stars!.


Makoto has dark maroon hair that is worn in a boyish style and turquoise eyes. She is also tall for her age.


Makoto is very protective over those she considers as friends; This is especially the case with her fellow member of E4, Reine Tsukino, as they grew up together.


Makoto (真) means truth or sincerity.

Shiya Shi (紫) means purple. Ya (矢) means arrow.


Makoto grew up in Sendai. Her family consists of her mother, her father, and her. Her father works at a children's hospital, and she often used to see him at work when she got home from school; Soon, her father introduced her to one of his regular patients, Reine, and the two connected instantly. Both of them had a dream of becoming top idols when they were older, and Makoto promised Reine to wait for her until she got out of the hospital, so that they could audition for the local idol school Spica Academy together.

She kept this promise, and Reine and Makoto soon found themselves as roommates; Reine had become the favorite for the Crystal Song class' E4 spot, while Makoto had done the same, but in the Snow Dance Class. Both of them went on to become members of the E4, and the two of them became especially well regarded due to their connection to each other, with Makoto and Reine usually seen together.



Reine Tsukino: Reine is considered Makoto's best freind. The two grew up together, and to this day have a prince-princess dynamic with each other.

Ayaka Natsuki: Makoto's fellow member of E4.

Miruri Abe: Makoto's fellow member of E4.



  • Makoto is often nicknamed Mako-chan by Reine.
  • Makoto's blood type is A.
  • Makoto's Zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • She is similar to Rei Kizaki in personality. They also share the same idol type.
  • Her favorite food is steak.