General Information
Air date2016 - 2017
Theme Songs
Opening ThemeNew Fate
Ending ThemeWish to my star☆
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Project DESTINY is the official first season in the DESTINY franchise. The season features Miyara Yua, a normal girl until she is sucked into DESTINY, where you are an idol by day and a warrior by night... The series is created by CureHibiki.


Project DESTINY episodes



Main Characters

  • Miyara Yua (宮良ゆあ Miyara Yua?) - A normal average 16 year old until she is caught singing to herself by Mayra, an agent from DESTINY. Yua is a shy girl who loves to sing and read romantic novels and is not the best at sports. However, she is the best at Archery, which she took up due to how amazing it looks. Due to not being very athletic, Yua is not the best at the battles against Bloodfest and her Multi-Change Microphone becomes a bow and arrow with arrows that have different types of power.
  • Akiba Hotaru (秋葉ほたる Akiba Hotaru?) - A famous idol who prefers to work alone as a solo artist and fight against Bloodfest herself. Hotaru does have a kind side, as shown when she sees how hard Yua is trying not to bring her down in both the music industry and the battles, in which she begins training her alongside Mayra. When she battles against Bloodfest, her Multi-Change Microphone becomes a metallic whip that contains magical like powers that can kill the enemy and normal human beings easily.


  • Mayra (マイラ Maira?) - An agent of DESTINY who, one day came across Yua, who was singing to herself in Kagoya Parklands. Mayra is an independent woman who, out in public, acts as Hotaru and Yua's manager. She doesn't take training Yua lightly and believes Yua has the potential to help Hotaru defeat Bloodfest.


  • Sangre (サングレ Sangure?)/ Kuroba Akane (黒羽あかね Kuroba Akane?)



  • Multi-Changer Microphone (マルチチェンジャーマイク Maruchi Chenjā Maiku?): A device that can change its appearance once the button on the bottom on it is activated. If it the button is activated, it becomes a weapon that the user is most suited for. Hotaru and Yua use it for their idol activities when it isn't activated as their weapon.


  • DESTINY Studios (DESTINYスタジオ DESTINY Sutajito?): The studio where Hotaru records her music and practices her singing abilities. It is the main place where idols of DESTINY learn and become the best idols.
  • Kagoya Parklands (かごや公園 Kagoya Kōen?): Yua's favorite place to think due to how peaceful it is. Kagoya Parklands is the place where Yua is discovered singing to herself by Mayra.
  • Kamaya Archery (かまや弓道 Kamaya Kyūdō?)


  • Project DESTINY is inspired by Senki Zesshō Symphogear by the way the Symphogear users sing during battle.
  • Project DESTINY is one of the first idol anime where the idols have the power to fight against an evil organization instead of just being solely about amateur idols wanting to become top idols.