Kirara Shote
招手 キララ ()
Shote Kirara
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday Date2/9
Home PlaceAleenstar
Anime DebutS01
SeiyuuRei Nishikawa
Idol Info
UnitAKB0048, 115th Generation
"I just can love music!"

Kirara Shote is an understudy of the 115th Generation of AKB0048.

Appearance & Personality 

Kirara is known for her bright personality. Despite coming from the planet Aleenstar which still isn't completely free of the ban, she loves music above everything else. She is close to Kari and is very talented in music. She loves playing with others and is sometimes compared to little kids.

Kirara has dark blue hair and sea blue eyes and is mostly never seen without a smile. She has, similar to all other 0048 members, heart-shaped lines in her hair and in her eyes. Kirara is usually seen in colorful clothes.


Kirara grew up on Aleenstar, despite her father coming from Akibastar. Her father worked as WOTA there to help the planet recover from the era of shadows while her mother works in the Space Drive Labs. Kirara herself grew up surrounded by music due to her father. She is able to play several instruments since her childhood and is named the wonder child due to this.


Like her fellow generation members, she participates in all new songs, also because of her seiyuu who is part of the new sub unit First Tune. Kirara is, like Kari, next to Miku, the center. Similar to the other members, she sometimes performs AKB48 songs, yet, not primary.


Kirara's name is inspired by the Kirara. Kirara comes from the word Kirakira which means sparkling. Her surnames meaning is unknown.


  • Kirara was first supposed to be a character similar to Chieri, but this was changed.
  • She admires the latest Oshima Yuko.
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