Kari Tsuitachi
一日 過理 ()
Tsuitachi Kari
SeasonAKB0048 ~ Dream Stage
Birthday Date3/6
Home PlaceLancastar
Anime DebutS01
SeiyuuMiori Ichikawa
Idol Info
UnitAKB0048, 115th Generation

"Let's play the first tune of the future!"

Kari Tsuitachi is an understudy of the 115th Generation of AKB0048.

Appearance & Personality 

Kari has short, middle brown hair and blue eyes. Like all AKB0048 members, she has heart-shaped sparkles in her eyes and in her hair. Kari is usually seen in more dark colors

Kari is a calm girl. Despite not being the oldest of her generation, she is usually counted as this. She doesn't get mad about being Center or not which is different to the other members. Yet, she works hard to become a popular member of AKB0048. She tends to think philosophical. Kari likes Magical-Girl Manga and Anime and loves spicy food.


Kari grew up as normal girl on Lancastar. Her family consists of her father who works as teacher, her mother who works as chef in a restaurant, her little brother and herself. Yet, Kari always liked singing and her little brother often listened to her. Shouta admires her. 


Kari participates in all new songs of the anime as her seiyuu, Miori Ichikawa, is part of the sub-unit First Tune. Together with the other understudies of her generation (who all have seiyuu who are part of First Tune), she sings the opening (Bokutachi no Sekai) and the Ending (Eien no Sakura). She stands in the front line.


Kari's given name was chosen because it sounds good and not because of it's meaning, her surname, Tsuitachi has been given to her because of both sound and meaning. 


  • She wants to succeed Karen Iwata.
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